Bottle with a Seat

Gertuvė su sieteliu -
Termo puodelis -
Gertuvė su sieteliu arbatai -
Dvigumo stiklo Gertuvė arbatai -
Tvirta Kokteilių Gertuvė su sieteliu -
Karščiui atspari gertuvė termosas -
Gertuvė su sieteliu ir neopreno dėklu -
Atspari smūgiams gertuvė -
Termosas arbatai su dvigubu stiklu -
Gertuvė ir arbatų rinkinys - Puiki dovana jai ir jam -

Bottle with a Seat

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Glass Drinkware - Thermos with Sieteli

Do you like to drink delicious tea not only at home? Take your tea prepared in a stylish bottle everywhere with you: to yoga workouts, to work, or on a trip around the world!

Tea can be so versatile and you don't have to drink it only at home. Let this stylish thermos become your irreplaceable companion and is guaranteed to go well with every tea you like.

The double-walled borosilicate glass thermo cup is not only extremely strong, but also keeps the tea warm for a long time. Well, if you like cold tea with ice cream, in this one you will keep the drink cold in the bottle longer. An airtight black lid will ensure that your favorite tea never runs out.

The set with a stylish neoprene sleeve protects the bottle from shocks. And the sieve in the bottle holds small herbs and allows you to enjoy delicious tea from the heart!

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  • Housing: Double-walled borosilicate glass
  • Case: strong and elastic Neoprene
  • Seattle: Nstainless steel
  • The product does not contain: BPA (bisphenol)
  • Features: ilgai maintains heat and cold
  • Bottle height: (with lid): 27.8 cm
  • Bottle diameter: Ø 8.7 cm
  • Capacity: 450ml
  • Weight: 540 g

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* delivery time in other countries


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In addition to tea, this drink is also suitable for iced tea or water with fresh fruits, vegetables or other herbs.

If you like, you can enhance your tea by adding fresh fruits and herbs, so by experimenting, you can discover exotic flavors.

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