Epilation Diode Laser 808 nm

Epiliacijos diodo lazeris 808 nm | Nemedicininės paskirties - AurelijosSPA
Epiliacijos diodo lazeris 808 nm | Nemedicininės paskirties - AurelijosSPA
Epiliacijos diodo lazeris 808 nm | Nemedicininės paskirties - AurelijosSPA
Epiliacijos diodo lazeris 808 nm | Nemedicininės paskirties - AurelijosSPA
Epiliacijos diodo lazeris 808 nm | Nemedicininės paskirties - AurelijosSPA

Epilation Diode Laser 808 nm

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This high-end laser has an integrated cooling system that automatically controls the temperature throughout the epilation period, reducing pain during the procedure.

Uniqueness of the device:

  • Intelligent handle cooling system up to -10C. Minimizes the discomfort felt during the procedure. Cooled skin is not reddened during epilation.

1. Nozzle: 808 nm
The most optimal and one of the most widely used diode laser wavelengths in the world. 808nm wave - Golden mean. Suitable for working with all skin types and the density and length of various hair.

Advanced diode laser technology is a hair removal revolution, with advanced cooling technology to help maintain a painless epilation procedure.

808 nm wavelength is the gold standard for the removal of all skin and hair types. The diode laser beams penetrate directly into the hair follicle, and the heat-absorbing melanin is broken down during metabolism and removed from the body.

Get accurate and effective results!

General information about device features

We perform hair removal with the latest generation diode laser made in Italy. Globally, it is currently the fastest-running laser, with efficacy and safety proven in clinical trials and approved by regulatory authorities (FDA and CE).
Hair removal with a new generation diode laser is the golden standard for laser hair removal!
Diode laser can remove unwanted hair from owners of all skin phototypes. Even for dark-skinned people.
A powerful laser with a wavelength of 808 nm, penetrates deep into tissues (e.g., deeper than an alexandrite laser). Said wavelength results in higher efficiency (also removes deeper hair follicles), is safer and has a lower risk of damaging the skin during the procedure, especially for darker skin types.

During the laser hair removal procedure, the energy radiated by the laser destroys the skin structures responsible for hair growth

The energy emitted by the laser does not damage the surrounding tissues. Sapphire optics and cooling protect the skin from thermal effects and lead to greater comfort of the procedure.

Because the laser beam only affects hair that is in the active growth phase, it is necessary to repeat laser epilation sessions regularly. Hair grows cyclically, so it is not possible to remove all hair in one procedure, as some of them are in the passive phase (such hair in the dormant phase is not affected by the radiation emitted by the laser). For this reason, several laser hair removal procedures are recommended to achieve the best cosmetic results. The exact number of procedures is determined individually and depends on the epilated area, skin and hair type.


  1. • Already after the first procedure, 15-30% of unwanted hair disappears.
  2. • Skin irritation caused by razor blades disappears.
  3. • The skin becomes smooth and velvety.
  4. • 6% of unwanted hair disappears after 80 procedures. Remember that the final result is evaluated 2 weeks after the last procedure.

During the four weeks prior to the planned procedure, it is not possible to:

  1. Sunbathe, visit the solarium, use self-tanning creams;
  2. Use tetracycline antibiotics, sulfanilamides, quinolones;
  3. Pluck or otherwise mechanically remove hair from the area of ​​the body where the procedure is planned to be performed.
  4. 1-3 days before the planned procedure it is not possible to:
  5. It is forbidden to clean the epilated area with alcohol-containing substances 3 days before the procedure;
  6. 1 day before the procedure, the epilated area must be shaved;
  7. 1-2 days before the procedure, do not apply any creams or antiperspirants to the epilated area;
  8. The procedure is performed on smooth, clean skin, without visible hair.

For two weeks after the procedure:
• Sunbathe, visit the solarium;
• Bathing in a hot bath;
• Visit the sauna, bathhouse, swimming pool (with chlorinated water);
• Clean the epilated area with alcohol. If necessary, the epilated area can be applied with Bepanthen 5% cream (in the evening) or another cream recommended by a specialist. It is recommended to limit the use of cosmetics containing irritants (eg scrubs, alcohol etc.) Before going outside, it is recommended to apply an anti-sunscreen to the epilated area. SPF is at least 30. After the procedure, the sunscreen should be used for at least 2 weeks.


 Main device - 1
12 - inch LCD touch screen
Handle with sapphire tip (808nm) - 1
Dual equipment TEC cooling system
in Germany manufactured certified laser heads
Power cord - 1
Control pedal - 1
Spec. glasses - 2
Keys - 2
Water filling kit - 1
User manual in US and LT languages

Technical parameters

Tension: 240V ± 10%, 50Hz
Power: 1300W
Point size 15 * 15mm2
Energy density 1-140J / cm2
Pulse duration 10-1000 ms
Frequency: 1-10Hz
Laser wavelength 808nm
Cooling system: Dual TEC cooling system

Weight: 42kg
Packing: 56x52x74cm
Manufacturer's warranty 12 months
CE certificate
User manual in US and LT languages
Delivery: 20-30 days
Epilation diode laser 808 nm For non-medical purposes - AurelijosSPA

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