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Darsonvali machine 7in1 - AurelijosSPA
Darsonvali machine 7in1 - AurelijosSPA
Darsonvali machine 7in1 - AurelijosSPA
Darsonvali machine 7in1 - AurelijosSPA

Darsonvali machine 7in1

Nikola's Darsonval
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€ 220.00
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Darsonvali Machines

Equipment for Face, Body and Hair Care

Clients With Acne Problems?
Considering what to do?
👉This is the equipment just for you👈

Darsonvalization ozone is released, which has bacteriocidal and bacteriostatic effects. Activation of blood circulation activates metabolic processes in the sebaceous glands.
Perfect for treating acne (acne) - disinfects,
The procedure is performed after facial cleansing.

Darsonvalio procedure treatment with pulsed, alternating sinusoidal high-frequency, high-voltage, low-intensity current. Irritating to skin, muscles and subcutaneous tissue. Darsonvalization due to the release of ozone, the skin is saturated with oxygen. Becomes brighter, acquires a healthy glow. During the procedure, blood microcirculation is stimulated and the process of cell renewal is stimulated. Increased blood circulation and lymph flow improve skin elasticity.

The main distinctive feature of Darsonvalis is that it has a bacteriostatic effect and is used to treat skin affected by problematic acne. Normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands, removes slag and metabolic products faster.

Darsonval treatments are great for hair care.
Promotes scalp blood microcirculation. Activates the head bulbs. Helps prevent hair loss and reduces dandruff.

Great prevention to reduce the oiliness of oily hair.

Unique Money

  • Saturates the skin with oxygen, it becomes brighter and acquires a healthy glow.
  • Stimulates microcirculation, promotes cell renewal.
  • Improves skin elasticity, activates blood circulation and lymph flow, absorbs swelling.
  • For the treatment of acne (acne) - disinfects, prevents the spread of bacteria.
  • Reduces the chances of acne, normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands, removes slag faster.


    Acute abscess processes
    Stage of exacerbation of chronic dermatosis
    Malignant tumors
    Sensitivity to electric current

    Darsonval apparatus - Darsonval electrodes - Electrotherapy - Electroplating - Cosmetic equipment - AurelijosSPA

    Complete set

    Main device - 1
    Face area:
    1. Nozzle shaped mushroom - 1
    2. Droplet-shaped nozzle - 1
    3. Nozzle for small areas - 1
    4. Nozzle in the shape of a roller - 1
    Hair area:
    5. Tip in the form of a comb - 1
    6. Nozzle wand - 1
    Body area:
    7. Tongue-shaped nozzle - 1
    Power cord - 1
    User manual in US / LT language - 1

    Device information

    Voltage: 230V / 50 Hz
    Device Power: 30W
    Darsonvalis working frequency: 220mln / sec
    Weight: 2.2 kg
    Packaging: 38x21x8 cm
    Manufacturer's warranty 12 months
    CE certificate
    User manual in US and LT languages
    Delivery time ~ 7-11 days