BYROKKO Rinkinys - Shine Brown Purškiamas Įdegio aliejus, Aloe Vera Purškiama Vėsinanti Dulksna, Coffee Scrub Kūno šveitiklis su kava, Coconut Bomb Plaukų kaukė
BYROKKO Shine Brown Purškiamas įdegio aliejus su hialurono rūgštimi
BYROKKO Aloe Vera Purškiama vėsinanti dulksna su hialurono rūgštimi
BYROKKO Shine Brown Purškiamas įdegio aliejus su hialurono rūgštimi
BYROKKO Coffee scrub Kūno šveitiklis su kava
BYROKKO Coconut Bomb Maitinanti plaukų kaukė su kokosų aliejumi


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  • Shine Brown Biphasic Spray Tanning Oil with Hyaluron (100 ml) - is a dual-action tanner that contains oils for faster tanning in the upper layer of the biphasic spray, and moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B in the lower layer.
  • Aloe Vera Biphasic Spray Cooling Mist with Hyaluron (100 ml) - after sunbathingpinkite on your sun-kissed skin and enjoy a wonderful tan for longer. Aloe Vera the oil is absorbed in just a few seconds, restores the moisture balance and gives the skin silky softness.
  • Coconut Bomb Hair mask (200 ml) - restores, strengthens and nourishes the hair while giving it lightness and silky softness. The coconut oil in the composition improves the texture of the hair and gives it shine. 
  • Coffee Scrub Body scrub with coffee (210 ml) - the highest quality, natural body scrub with 100% Arabica bean coffee and almond oil is designed to properly exfoliate and prepare the skin before sunbathing or in a solarium.

How to get and keep an even tan while tanning in the sun or in a solarium?

If you want to have a beautiful and even tan, it is not enough to apply a tanning cream or lotion to your body. First of all, you should start by exfoliating your skin. Body scrub effectively helps remove dead skin cells, then the skin becomes softer and smoother, so your tan will be even and last longer.

Therefore, by regularly scrubbing the skin before sunbathing, tanning becomes more effective and the color of the tan does not wash off quickly.

We recommend exfoliating your body 1-2 days before tanning, and after sunbathing or visiting a solarium, use moisturizers such as Aloe Vera gelis or an after-sun moisturizer to maintain the correct pH of the skin and protect the skin from drying out.

Kit Information:
Mole: 100ml + 100ml + 200ml + 210ml
  • For tanning in the sun and in the solarium
  • Body scrub before tanning
  • Body care after sunbathing
  • Professional hair care
The set consists of:
  • Shine Brown Spray Tanning Oil
  • Aloe Vera Spray Cooling Mist
  • Coffee Scrub Body scrub with coffee
  • Coconut Bomb Hair mask
Country of origin: Slovenia 
Manufacturer: BYROKKO
Delivery time: 1-2 working days (in Lithuania)

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