Organic Black Tea ENGLISH BREAKFAST (15 Tea Sticks)

BISTRO TEA Ekologiška Juodoji Arbata, 15 Arbatos Lazdelių, ENGLISH BREAKFAST TEA STICKS
BISTRO TEA Ekologiška Juodoji Arbata, 15 Arbatos Lazdelių, ENGLISH BREAKFAST TEA STICKS
BISTRO TEA Ekologiška Juodoji Arbata, 15 Arbatos Lazdelių, ENGLISH BREAKFAST TEA STICKS

Organic Black Tea ENGLISH BREAKFAST (15 Tea Sticks)

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Rediscover tea! No drips, no spoons and no mess.

Top quality organic Ceylon black tea, rich in vitamins and minerals. This tea strengthens the body's defenses, improves the circulatory system and lifts the mood. These properties make this tea perfect for drinking in the morning or in the evening.

FRESHNESS: Individually packed tea sticks will give you a new experience and new sensations while drinking tea. Experience freshness anytime, anywhere and liven up your day with the unique flavors of organic black tea.

NATURALITY: Enjoy the all-natural flavors of Bistro Tea's granulated organic black tea leaves. Formulated without artificial flavor enhancers and preservatives. Naturally caffeinated black tea is the perfect solution to start a wonderful morning and overcome the tiredness of the day.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Use an innovative tea stick that is perfect for stirring tea without the need for a spoon. The tea stick mesh filter will allow you to enjoy the great taste of black tea, the intensity of which you can easily adjust to get the perfect tea taste.

BETTER WELL-BEING: Experience the health benefits of black tea thanks to its natural immune-boosting antioxidants. Black tea supports normal digestive function, stimulates metabolism ir helps regulate weight.

Bistrotea - Organic Black Tea Sticks, TEA STICKS

Preparation of tea:

  • When poured with hot water, the tea leaves swell and release their flavor instantly.
  • Wait a bit and stir with the same tea stick until you get the desired intensity of the tea.
  • Each stick contains 2 - 2.3 grams of carefully selected tea leaves.
  • The tea is natural, without artificial aromatic additives!

Advantages of tea sticks:

  • No floating tea leaves
  • The intensity of the tea flavor is adjustable
  • No need for a spoon
  • Hygienic and aesthetic
  • Interesting, fun and delicious to enjoy
Product information:
Amount: 15 pcs
Tipas: Tea Sticks
A type of tea: Organic Black Tea
Taste: Black tea
Smell: Black tea
Origin country: Germany
Manufacturer: BISTRO TEA
Shipping: 2-3 working days in Lithuania

* delivery terms in other countries

Organic Ceylon Black Tea.

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