Aura Oil | Unwashable Cream

Aura Oil - Nenuplaunamas Kremas | T-Lab Professional - AurelijosSPA
Aura Oil - Nenuplaunamas Kremas | T-Lab Professional - AurelijosSPA

Aura Oil | Unwashable Cream

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· Macadamia oil
· Organic argan oil
· Simonds oil
97% organic product


For luxurious hair softness and natural beauty.

Non-washable cream Aura Oil strengthens the nourishing and emollient effect, carefully cares for the hair, makes it soft and obedient, facilitates combing and styling.


For deep nourishment of all hair types.


Macadamia oil penetrates the hair follicles; it promotes the restoration of hair structure and restores the natural shine.

Argan oil intensively nourishes and moisturizes the hair and helps maintain smoothness and style in a very humid environment.

Simonds oil provides the best natural thermal protection and contains amino acids that give the skin and hair elasticity, prevent flaking and dandruff, strengthen the hair, give it shine and make it silky.

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