Tea for sleep GOOD NIGHT

Arbata miegui gerinti su ramunėlėmis GOOD NIGHT - Sleep.ink
Arbata miegui gerinti su ramunėlėmis GOOD NIGHT - Sleep.ink
Arbata miegui gerinti su ramunėlėmis GOOD NIGHT - Sleep.ink
Miegą skatinanti Arbata su valerijonu GOOD NIGHT - Sleep.ink
Miegą gerinanti Arbata GOOD NIGHT - Sleep.ink
Miegą gerinanti Arbata su valerijonu GOOD NIGHT - Sleep.ink
Arbata miegui skatinti GOOD NIGHT - Sleep.ink
Miegą skatinantinančios Arbatos GOOD NIGHT ir RELAX - Sleep.ink

Tea for sleep GOOD NIGHT

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Tea for sleep GOOD NIGHT

Your state of rest is just one cup of tea.
A soothing and sleep-promoting herbal tea blend with ginger, lemon balm, blackberry leaves and valerian to help your body and mind relax properly and prepare for a good and quality sleep.

Make tea and give yourself the peace and relaxation you deserve in the evening.

Soothing and sleep-promoting tea "GOOD NIGHT" - will help you relax, calm down, and when you get up in the evening - fall asleep faster.


Sleep.ink GOOD NIGHT tea contains ingredients that have been used for thousands of years to promote a calmer and better quality sleep. This tea will help you give a soothing feeling, after which it will be easier to fall asleep.

It is a harmonious blend of herbal tea from the finest ingredients such as lavender, chamomile and licorice. Enjoy a gentle and effective complex of natural herbs when you need some relaxation before bed. This tea helps to maintain the good functioning of the nervous system, and all this leads to a wonderful state of relaxed rest and quality sleep.

Sleep.ink | Soothing and sleep-promoting tea GOOD NIGHT with ginger and valerian - AurelijosSPA

Passion fruit leaves, Cyttrium balm leaves (15%), Scold blackberry leaves (12%), Vallergy root (10%), Tulsi, licorice root, Rpoppy flowers, Levangelical rings (7%), Verben, Ipieces of mbier (3%), Gcrayons.


Net weight: 70 g (equivalent to about 35 cups of tea)
Does not contain: flavor enhancers, caffeine and sugar.
Made of: in Germany
100% natural plant origin: great for vegans


  1. Insert 1 teaspoon (~ 2 g) of "GOOD NIGHT" sleeping tea in 200 ml of boiling hot water.
  2. Cover the tea cup with a saucer and wait 3-5 minutes.
  3. Drink and enjoy the benefits of this tea!
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Sleep.ink | Soothing bedtime tea with valerian - AurelijosSPA
Using Sleep.ink with high-quality sleep products, you can fall asleep gently and efficiently, despite all the stresses and stresses of everyday life.
Sleep.ink products in their composition, shape and effect will allow you to naturally overcome the problems of sleep disorders and get a good night's sleep without experiencing any side effects.
Innovative, modern and high quality sleep products consist of natural ingredients and are certified.

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