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Antioxidant - Moisturizing cream Casmara  -  AurelijosSPA

Antioxidant | Moisturizing cream

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It is a cream with a gentle and light texture.
Beauty product with an optimal combination of natural active ingredients such as Goji (gooseberry) berry extract,
Himalayan super fruit that provides a unique antioxidant effect.


GOJI BERRY EXTRACT (ECOCERT® certified) strong antioxidant, BEET BETAIN maintains optimal skin hydration levels, and AVOCADO OIL intensely moisturizes and nourishes, thanks to Vit. E and polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 3 and 9) have a restorative and antioxidant effect.


Goji berry - Longevity Fruit - An extract designed to delay and prevent skin aging.

Protection against external influences, at the same time restores and maintains the skin's natural balance.


The product improves the appearance of the skin by reducing the first signs of aging. Intense and lasting moisturizing effect. Elastic and discolored skin.

A formula suitable for both men and women, all skin types and even the youngest users.


For normal and combination skin.


Apply on clean face and neck skin. Use as needed. For greater effect, we recommend using in combination with Antioxidant Balancing Serum.