Air balance | Weightless varnish

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Air balance | Weightless varnish

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Antistatic weightless varnish formulated
from a UNIQUE NATURAL COMPLEX consisting of:
Soothes and gently cares for the scalp and hair.
Strengthens the structure of the hair's protective layer and promotes cell renewal.


Air Balance weightless spray antistatic agent makes hair more obedient, gives it volume, shine and softness, as well as allows to reshape the hairstyle.

Air Balance hairspray gently strengthens and restores the structure of the hair, as well as helps to retain moisture in the intercellular area, which is the source of the hair's constant youth.


HYDROLYZED KERATIN Restores and strengthens hair cuticles and makes hair smooth, shiny and resistant to adverse environmental factors.

HIALURONIC ACID Helps retain moisture by deeply saturating the hair along its entire length and moisturizing the scalp.

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