4D HIFU - Concentrated Energy Ultrasound 26500

3D HIFU - Sutelktos Energijos Ultragarsas 26500 - AurelijosSPA
4D HIFU - Sutelktos Energijos Ultragarsas 26500 - AurelijosSPA
3D HIFU - Sutelktos Energijos Ultragarsas 21500 - AurelijosSPA
4D HIFU - Sutelktos Energijos Ultragarsas 26500 - AurelijosSPA
4D HIFU - Sutelktos Energijos Ultragarsas 26500 - AurelijosSPA
3D HIFU - Sutelktos Energijos Ultragarsas 21500 - AurelijosSPA

4D HIFU - Concentrated Energy Ultrasound 26500

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4D HIFU 26500 shots

A creation of the latest and most advanced technologies

13 Reasons to choose 4D HIFU technology:

  1. Increased capacity 4D HIFU heads performing as many as 26500 shots.
  2. Standard equipment with 3 different operating ranges HIFU heads. 21500 shots x 3 heads = 64500 shots.
  3. Larger procedural step: 10mm wide. A larger area of ​​the problem area is affected during the procedure.
  4. Designed to work on both face and body areas.
  5. Reduced procedure time.
  6. Better 4D HIFU radiation absorption.
  7. Higher efficiency, less frequent retraction of the nozzle head allows more precise procedure steps in problem areas.
  8. ~ 20% cheaper 4D HIFU heads compared to normal HIFU.
  9. Updated software allows you to see the face and body sections accurately and conveniently and perform the procedure accurately.
  10. The hardware program allows you to select the number of lines and the operating area, so you can work even with one line.
  11. 2019 model, exclusive design and ease of use
  12. Convenient transportation or relocation.
  13. The set includes the original equipment aluminum case.

    The following procedures are performed with this device:

    Skin lifting.
    Exfoliation of superficial skin layers;
    Skin stimulation to improve the uptake of active ingredients;
    Skin toning and tightening;
    Skin rejuvenation, hydration, and nourishment;
    Biostimulation of skin cell metabolism.

    Unique Money

  • It is a unique concentrated ultrasonic device.
  • For eye strain.
  • Facial strain.
  • For neck stretching.
  • For lifting whole body problem areas.
  • For stretching sagging skin.
  • For the elimination of wrinkles.

    Concentrated energy ultrasonic apparatus high-concentration energy stimulates the so-called non-invasive skin rejuvenation mechanism, followed by a lifting effect. The operation of the device helps to remove wrinkles and improve skin elasticity and restore collagen. 4D HIFU the operating thermal energy at 55 ° C is concentrated in narrow (1,5 mm ~ 13 mm) waves.

    The skin muscles of the skin contract. By the way, Concentrated energy ultrasonic apparatus accelerates cellular metabolism and microcirculation, lifts sagging skin. In addition, active substances can be introduced by ultrasound.

    Ultrasound waves stimulate cell reproductive and metabolic activity and drain.

    Concentrated ultrasound 4D HIFU accurately radiates thermal energy thus promoting collagen regeneration processes. This results in effective and long lasting skin lifting effect.
    4D HIFU The procedure can be performed on both the face, cheeks, neck, décolleté areas. In different areas of the body. It is a non-invasive procedure that ensures long-term tightening of the skin from the inside.

    Complex HIFU results obtained by the method:

    Radiant and healthy skin;

    Smooth and elastic skin;

    Wrinkle reduction;

    Smooths the contour of the face and neck.

    * The results are visible after the first procedure.

    * The long-term effect of the procedures lasts from 3 to 5 years.
    It depends on the course of procedures followed. For long-lasting results, we recommend doing two in the first year HIFU procedures with an interval of six months. You can then have one procedure a year later to maintain the results.
    More complex areas may require several additional treatments 3 months after the first treatment.

     3D HIFU - focused concentrated energy ultrasound machine - for stretching and lifting of skin of the face and body - cosmetology equipment - AurelijosSPA

    Complete set

    Main device - 1
    Touchable 15 "screen - 1
    HIFU nozzles - 1
    HIFU heads - 3 after 21500 shots
    (Eye and forehead area): 3.0 mm / 7.0 MHz - 21,500 shots
    (Cheek and neck area): 4.5 mm / 4.0 MHz -21,500 shots
    (Body Area): 8.0 mm / 3.0 MHz - 21,500 shots
    Fuses - 2
    Power cord - 1
    User manual in US / LT language - 1

    Device information

    Voltage: 230V / 50 Hz
    Device Power: 800W
    4D HIFU operating power: 0.1 - 3.0 J / cm2
    4D HIFU procedural step width: 10 mm
    4D HIFU Operating frequency: 2MHz - 10MHz
    4D HIFU the head carries 21500 radiations
    Weight: 27.0 kg
    Packaging: 35x47x62 cm
    Manufacturer's warranty 12 months
    CE certificate
    User manual in US and LT languages
    Delivery time: 20-30 days

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