Shine Armor, what is it?

Frequently asked questions about Shine Armor

Frequently Asked Questions About SHINE ARMOR


✅ Shine Armor ceramic coating protects all types of surfaces.
✅ Updates and enlivens the existing color of the car.
✅ Updates the color of interior details.
✅ Long-lasting and extremely strong nano ceramic coating layer.
✅ No need to use water.
✅ Quick and effective: just spray and wipe.
✅ Non-toxic, ecological, biodegradable product.
✅ Advanced and patented SiO₂ ceramic nano coating.
✅ Protection against UV and IR rays.
✅ 20 times more effective and stronger than wax.
✅ Long-term protection of the car body.

Shine Armor FAQ

Shine Armor are one of the most advanced products of ceramic NANO technology, intended for interior and exterior surfaces of cars and motorcycles. These products provide long-term protection of surfaces against UV/IR rays, cover with a strong ceramic nano coating, renew the color of surfaces, clean effectively and provide exceptional shine.

Waxing is a simple way to protect the surface of the car body. Shine Armor - is ceramic silicon dioxide Si02 with advanced nano technology. Any surface coated with this coating protects the surface from the effects of the environment for up to 6 months and provides an exceptional shine. Using Shine Armor regularly, you will have long-lasting body protection, a dazzling shine, and the dirt that appears will be much easier to clean.

Well, if you came back from off-roading, then you should wash off a large layer of dirt. However, if you live in the city and your car or motorcycle is covered in just city dust, you can clean and polish your vehicle with just Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat and a dry microfiber cloth. This product is designed to be easy to use, so you don't have to stand in lines at car washes, Shine Armor products do it all.

Shine Armor body and interior cleaners are made with the most advanced nano-technology. These products are specially designed to create a smooth, shiny, strong and long-lasting surface protection. Conventional waxes cannot provide the same level of protection. After coating surfaces with Shine Armor products, surface protection lasts for months, not weeks.

When used as directed, Shine Armor will remove dirt from the vehicle's surface without scratching. It is important to ensure that the surface to be cleaned does not have a large layer of dirt.

We recommend cleaning the surface with a damp microfibre cloth and waiting for the surface to dry before applying Shine Armor. Then use Shine Armor Fortify Ceramic Nano Coating, Shine Armor Brazilian Wax and other Shine Armor products as needed.

Absolutely NO, in fact, using Shine Armor car care products will not only protect your car's paint from the elements, it will also help prevent color fading and help you maintain your factory color for a long time.

Thanks to Shine Armor's ceramic nanotechnology, the products are intended for use on all surfaces, including: plastic, glass, metal and wooden parts of the body and trim.

Taking into account the influence of the environment, the effect of physical friction - the surface coated with Shine Armor retains its properties even for up to 6 months. We recommend that every driver use these car care products at least once a month to ensure maximum protection for your car. However, if you want to maintain dazzling shine and radiance, we recommend weekly use!

Yes, Shine Armor can be used even in direct sunlight. However, for maximum results, we recommend applying Shine Armor to surfaces at least in the shade.

The minimum recommended temperature for use of Shine Armor is 5 C.

The maximum recommended temperature for use of Shine Armor is 25 C.

The coating of Shine Armor products maintains its effectiveness at temperatures from -30 to +50C.

REALLY SO! Shine Armor effectively protects any surface from strong UV rays, infrared rays, water stains, "bird droppings" and road dirt.

Any surface covered with Shine Armor protective coating will be much easier to clean due to the resulting slippery ceramic surface and nano coating.

If the scratches are not deep and have not damaged the paint layer, Shine Armor will help remove the scratches.

You can use Shine Armor to remove water stains. However, the most difficult to remove are water stains caused by hard and calcareous water, acid rain and old water stains. You can overcome all of this with Shine Armor, but it will take some work.

Before using the product for the first time, we suggest removing all dirt from the surface using a damp microfiber cloth. Wait for the surface to dry and apply Shine Armor. Get started with: Fortify Quick Coat.

Shine Armor is proud to introduce the next generation of the most effective car care products on the market today. The ingredients are carefully selected and are 100% environmentally friendly. The new formula is free of toxic, harmful chemicals and heavy metals. They are also free of hydrogen and sulfuric acids and solvents.

If your car is smaller (sedan, hatchback or coupe), the tool will be enough for 3 generations.

If your car is bigger (station wagon, minivan or SUV), the tool will be enough for 2 generations.

If you are the owner of a motorcycle - the tool will be enough for 5 generations.