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What is the OPAY

OPAY is a secure and convenient payment collection system used in online stores. It allows you to pay for purchases in the online store in the most convenient way for the customer.

Using OPAY services you will not have to worry about your email. the store to accept payments. Register and immediately accept payments from the most popular in Lithuania payment methods. All you need to do is download and install OPAY specifically for your email. for the store prepared plugin. You don’t have to be a programmer for that. If necessary, we will personally explain to you how to do it.

It's safe

We guarantee that too OPAY payments made through the system are completely secure, we ensure the protection of confidential or private data.


Payments via OPAY are executed automatically, and payment information is provided to both the customer and the merchant within seconds.


Make and accept payments via OPAY is very convenient, because the system has been perfected to the smallest detail - it is convenient for both online store customers and merchants.


If you are indifferent to programming and want to install payments in your own way, we have prepared for you technical information section, where you will find all the necessary descriptions and examples of integration.