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    Face and Lip Scrubs

    Nudecosmetik | Natural face and lip cosmetics from France - AurelijosSPA

    Discover natural facial cosmetics - that’s it is a brand of beauty and naturalness, offering and creating organic products that benefit our face, mind and planet.

    "Nudecosmetik"offers you cosmetics designed and made by hand lat the laboratory in Romans sur Isère, in the heart of Drôme, FranceNudecosmetik - Natural facial scrub from France - AurelijosSPA

    In this collection you will discover:
    Soft, gentle and creamy texture, and 100% natural herbal composition face and lip scrub, face peeling and make-up remover.

    Give tenderness and French charm to your beauty routines!

    Nudecosmetik philosophy"It is a new approach to living beauty in harmony with our skin and nature. Our skin and mind are directly related to the nervous, lymphatic (blood) or endocrine (hormonal) systems, so all the cosmetics we apply have a more or less long-lasting effect on our entire body."

    Nudecosmetik products are granted "ECOCERT“Beauty products certificate, which guarantees that biocosmetics do not contain genetically modified ingredients, synthetic additives and preservatives, dyes, petroleum products, and are not tested on animals.

    2 products

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