100% Natural Face Creams - Made in Europe - For professional use in the beauty salon and at home

Natural Face Creams

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    Made in EuropeNatural face creams made in Europe

    Natural Face Creams

    Cold pressed organic oils and CO2 extracts to ensure the highest quality face creams. Today, we can find thousands of brands that produce natural skin care cosmetics, but being natural alone is not enough.

    Combining natural resources with science and experience in the production of face creams combines the purest and highest quality natural ingredients that come from certified organic farms.

    You can maintain flawless and healthy skin for longer!

    Professional Face Creams made from 100% natural ingredients in Europe - For home and beauty use

    VIngredients used in the manufacture of eido creams: 
    • Pure CO2 extracts: This results in a higher purity of face creams.
    • Cold pressed oils: Maximum preservation of nutrients and antioxidants.
    • 100% natural ingredients: Has been selected as much as possible in nature and is certified as organic.
    * does not contain alcohol and PEG (polyethylene glycol)
    ** face creams for professional and home use
    8 products

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