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    Last Forest | Beeswax lip balms from India - AurelijosSPA

    Beeswax Lip Balms

    100% natural

    Keep your lips supple, happy, constantly moisturized and delightfully radiant with an assortment of beeswax-based lip balms! With one lip balm anointing, the lips become smooth and fresh all day long.

    Lips - This is the part of your body that can be easily damaged by changeable weather outdoors or too dry indoor air.

    Very unique - because these handmade beeswax lip balms are meticulously and lovingly made with the utmost dedication straight from the Nilgiri International Biosphere Reserve. This, the largest forest protection area in South India, UNESCO declared a World Heritage Site.

    The amazing and natural range consists of nine interesting and exotic flavors, designed to keep your lips healthy and constantly shining with beauty!

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    LAST FOREST | Beeswax lip balms - AurelijosSPA

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