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    Oily Body Perfume Āsmi Ayurveda

    Made of: In Bielefeld, Germany


    It’s another step into the world of organic essential oils, which combines skin nourishment and creates a unique fragrance experience.

    "Āsmi“The collection of oil perfumes was inspired by a centuries-old Ayurvedic ritual, the philosophy of which helped to create unique scents.

    Natural UNISEX oily perfume helps to maintain balance in body, mind, and soul, and to use trys elements: WIND, FIRE ir LAND is the essence of Ayurvedic philosophy, where every oil ingredient brings you closer to them.

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    • Āsmi (in SanskritI am”) Means: modern, pure, close to nature, individual and timeless Ayurvedic lifestyle.
    • Ayurvedic ritual - it is a balanced life, which is the main goal. This ancient Indian wisdom helps us improve our health and inner well-being by cleansing and nourishing our energy. The Ayurvedic self-massage ritual is performed with sacred oils that help to achieve absolute harmony of body and soul.

    Asmi Ayurveda - Organic oil body perfume ...

    “The thousand - year - old tradition of Ayurveda corresponds to minimalist, Nordic design.

    As our age changes, our climate changes, or we gain more experience, one or another energy dominates at different times in our lives. When nature is not only around us but also in us, when harmony is in all the elements of nature, we become stronger physically, emotionally and spiritually.

    Ayurveda believes that our individual nature is decided at birth, but it changes over time and in a changing environment. Fire, Water and Earth are what we carry with us. How they are balanced determines our physical, emotional and spiritual state. ” - Asmi

    5 products

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