Nano ceramic coating for the car, How does it work?

by Shine Armor


We talk about ceramic nano coating, but many people know nothing or very little about this miracle product and what it can do for a vehicle.

So, we will briefly tell you what ceramic coating is and how it affects our cars.

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What is ceramic coating?

In short, a ceramic coating is a protective layer that you can apply to your car to protect it from damage, make it easier to clean from dirt or dust, and give your car a dazzling shine and luster.

Ceramic coating is similar to wax, but ceramic is up to 20 times stronger than wax.

Why is the word Nano in the title, what is it?

The effect of the nanocoating is innovative, but at the same time quite simple. This product covers the surface of your car with strong protection with nano particles.

All SHINE ARMOR car care products are made using nano technology. Therefore, small SiO4 particles of ~2 nanometers in size create an invisible but very strong layer that repels water and provides protection from environmental influences.

What is ceramic nano coating for?

This technology is very widely applicable and is usually used as the most effective protection for car, motorcycle and their interior parts.

All surfaces are covered with a nano layer that creates a protective barrier and makes the surface more durable. Nanocoating can be applied to all surfaces: car windows, body, car interior, leather and fabric seats, and all other interior and finishing details that need additional protection and shine (depending on the surface you want to protect, you need to choose specially designed products).

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